How to Survive Teenage Life

HOW TO SURVIVE TEENAGE LIFE The Stress of School… There is no cheat code to life. But theres always just some ways to spice things up and make it interesting. I believe that most of my readers here are students. No matter whether your in school or collage, it doesn’t matter. Education might get a […]

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A Book Review

Here is a book review. Oh wait, I’m not finish reading it. So recently on my birthday, my friends bought me a book that I always wanted. Considering they asked me what I wanted for my birthday, it wasn’t a big surprised that I loved that book. I have always been a big fan of […]

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Hello World!

So as my first post I decided to make it chatty. Forgive me. But I’m going to sum up everything about me as fast as I probably could. I’m B! I am a normal dude from high school. I’m trying to find a media where I could express my feelings as good as I possibly […]

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