When it comes to christmas, people wanted to looked as beautiful and handsome as they can to get into the festive season. Wearing your nerdy ray bans to school party isn’t that appealing. Especially for girls who wore glittering eyeshadows and lashes.

Today I’m going to give you a run through and what you should you do for those first timer that would like to give these babies a chance. I personally have wore contacts for a year now and I felt amazing about it.


  • Invisible
  • Easy to use
  • Eye Colour Variation
  • Super Lightweight compared to glasses
  • Gives out the beauty of your wonderful eyes
  • Changeable prescriptions in a monthly basis
  • Sticks to your eyes (especially during sports)


  • Cleaning solution expires (in 90 days)
  • May be uncomfortable for some
  • Takes time to wear (no more than 5 minutes)
  • Hand must be super clean during application
  • Kind of Expensive? (depends)
  • May fall off (only if you temper with your eye)
  • Storage

As you can see, the advantage it brings is quite hefty. Contact lenses may not be as easy as wearing glasses. But spear those extra minutes to get daily comfort. Literally, as I wore the contacts it just felt that my eye just returns to normal and Uh-mazing!


Storing these lenses is actually quite easy. As you buy the contact lenses, it will come with a bottle of cleaning solution, an eye drop bottle, and a case.

The eye drop is a portable one which you apply to your eye when discomfort occur during wearing. It may occur quite frequent if you are a new user. But, as you go on wearing those lenses you’ll get used to it

Oh, one more thing! If you are like me and you like to organise things. Spend a few bucks on these babies. Air tight containers! These are basically food container (BPA free) that assembles all my optics. It is great for traveling so that you don’t miss a thing!

Lock & Lock container. Costs about $8-15


There you have it. Yays and Nays of Contacts. I really hope you would actually used it. Smirk. Wink. Wink. For those expert users, comment down below if I missed something feel free to share your thoughts.

Blogg Bott. Have a great day!


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