Stationary Haul!


Hey guys! November is finally here, yay! It’s crazy how time flies so quickly,  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner – don’t forget to prepare that bucket list of yours! Then again, let’s not forget about the upcoming examinations. With that being said, I present to you my essentials for school! I just got them recently, so I thought a haul would be a good idea! 😉


When it comes to pens, there is nothing better than a gel pen that is guaranteed to work. I go with gel pens more often mainly because its great in quality and it comes it all sorts of colors The pen pictured is a common brand here over at Indonesia and is priced reasonably.

Sarasa (blue black) Gel Pens: IDR 16k ($1.17)

Mechanical Pencils

These pencils are amazing! They started selling these when I was in  third grade and i’ve been using them ever since! I’d say my writing is decent, but not all that extravagant – These pencils are the ones who transformed it all. It comes in seven neon colours and, for those mono coloured lovers, YES! Black and White is available for purchase.

Pantel Caplet 2.0: 60K for 2 ($4.40)

Note Taking MUST HAVEs!

Highlighters, Papers, Pencil Leads, Clip Board and Post its!

I’m a sucker for bargains, and these stationaries do just that! They are all under $10! Get these quality premium note taking devices that will change your life. The highlighters with clear ends and Kokuyo Dot Liner, a stick/glue which  helps speed up the process of having to stick things on notebooks.

Here are the Prices:

  • Muji Assorted Highlighters: IDR 40K ($2.95)
  • Uni Pencil leads (available in all pencil thickness): IDR 35k ($2.58)
  • Kokuyo Dot Liner (Glue Stamp): IDR 80K ($5.90)
  • Scotch Tape & Dispenser:IDR 112K ($8.20)
  • Post Its Neon Large: IDR 135K ($9.96)/ 5 Neon Stacks
  • Post Its Neon Small: IDR 35k ($2.58) /Each
  • Pastel Coloured Papers: IDR 30K ($2.21)


This binder is quite a gem! I’ve purchased these a long time ago and it’s been in perfect condition ever since. Kokuyo has just released a new variety of binder collection. It is the ‘Colour Palette’ edition. These are binders with premium outer shells guaranteed to survive school. It comes with 10 different colors: maroon red, dark green, dark blue, and black. It only costs IDR342K ($24.98).

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Pencil Case

Pencil cases is a must have. This ‘Boxy’ Pencil case cost only IDR235K ($17.22) and comes with two compartments. The first one is the accessible pens slot and the other would be a slot where you’d throw in a mixture of other pens. A great feature in this is that it comes with a clear slot to put all your ‘cheat notes’ (wink wink). They’re hidden in secret compartments. Quite Handy right?


So there you have it! These are the stationaries I got! These supplies are literally the highlight of school. I hope you like these! Thumbs up maybe? 🙂

Scott, Out!



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